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7 Mental Wellbeing Tips (for Covid-19)

As new restrictions are enforced, many people are feeling more frustrated, fearful, and worried about their health and finances. Here are some easy tips to help alleviate these effects:

1. Checking in with family and friends via phone and trying out different ways to stay connected through apps and video platforms to chat is a great coping tool and a beneficial way to reduce isolation.

2. It also helps to have a routine—to create a new “normal” and find time to engage in creative activities. Take a few minutes to place a few relaxing activities throughout the day.

3. Limiting exposure to news and social media, and allowing a certain limited amount of time each day can reduce overexposure to worry provoking news and can help with managing anxiety.

4. Self-care is integral, especially at this time. Promoting adequate restful sleep, healthy meals on time, and some physical activity can be beneficial to manage anxiety and stress.

5. Take a glimpse into your past and evaluate how you have coped with past stressors – be it music, reading, or art, and tap into those.

6. Explore a new hobby! There are several apps and websites offering free usage — trying mediation, deep breathing and journaling can be cathartic. Apps like Down Dog (yoga), Calm (meditation), and Journalate (journaling) are currently free.

7. Lastly, the power of positive thinking has a vital role. Visualize positivity in the now and for our collective future to reduce negative thoughts.

©2020 by Irem Choksy, LMFT

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